Call Description

Quick Tips

Select a category If your calls can’t be found- they can’t be bought! So make sure your calls are in the right category so Buyers can easily place orders.

A quick description regarding the callers intent. For example: The callers are calling in to book flights or purchase insurance. It’s also good to include tactics you are using (if any) to get the caller to call in.

Payout & Geo


Quick Tips

The Minimum Payout per call is usually your cost +10%. This is the minimum - based on marketplace economics you can get MORE but NEVER less!

Conversion - Some campaigns have a minimum duration requirement in order to trigger a payout. This ensures that the caller is calling in with the right intent and filters the out of context calls that sometimes slip through. A Quality and assurance team is in place to listen to all calls to protect your calls from being dumped without reason.

Forecasting & Delivery

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Daily Available Call Volume

Quick Tips

Call Availability - Let the Buyer know the hours between whcih your calls are available. (EST Time Zone)

Your Daily Available Call volume should be a realistic forecast of the amount of calls you can generate in 1 day. Protip: Make sure you can deliver and give yourself some wiggle room. Forecast for 80% of your expected daily call volume.